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Austro Control Private Pilot Exams: Your Guide to Success

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Overview of Aviation Exams with Austro Control

Let’s take a closer look at how you can take your Private Pilot Licence written exams with Austro Control.
It’s important to note that Austro Control is the Aviation authority in the EASA member State of Austria. They hold official exams for ATPL and PPL in Austria but also offer to hold exams at designated schools worldwide. Students from any school can come to these designated schools and take their exams.

These are the number of questions and avalable times for the PPL exam.

The list of countries where the exam can be taken in 2024, as per the provided document, includes:

  1. Austria
  2. Jordan
  3. Belgium
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Hungary
  6. Netherlands
  7. Spain
  8. United Kingdom
  9. San Marino
  10. Portugal
  11. USA
  12. Brazil (listed as Brasilien)
  13. South Africa (listed as Südafrika)

This comprehensive list spans multiple continents, offering a wide array of locations for exam candidates.

Designated Schools for Aviation Exams Worldwide

In Spain alone, there are around 10 designated schools. I recently visited one of these schools and spoke to the chief theoretical knowledge instructor, Maria Jose Gareli Fabrizi, who works for Aerodynamics Academy in Velez Malaga, located at Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. Maria Jose explained that they have sittings about 5 times a year and that students from Skypilot Academy are welcome to come and take their exams at their premises.

The author, together with Linette Menendez and Maria Jose Gareli at Aerodynamics.

Exam Structures and EASA Part FCL Regulations

The written exams for the private pilot licence consist of nine subjects, and you have four attempts to pass each subject. EASA Part FCL states that students must take all their exams under one Aviation Authority. You cannot take some exams in one Member State and the rest in another.

First off, try to get to the exam center about 30 minutes early. It’s not just about being on time; it’s about giving yourself a moment to chill and get in the zone. If you’re late, you might miss your chance to take the exam that day, and we definitely don’t want that to happen. If something comes up, and you can’t make it, cancel at least 48 hours ahead of time.

When you arrive, you’ll need to show three things: your signed Austro-Control application form, the confirmation receipt, and a valid photo ID (like your passport). These are your essentials, so double-check you’ve got them before you head out.

The exams are pretty flexible. You’ve got to do all 9 subjects at once, but you can take them in any order you like.

Now, for what to bring:

  • Flight Computer: Such as a CRP-1 or a CRP-5. There can not be formulas written on the computer.
  • Protractor, Compass, and Ruler: Stick to the basics like a square protractor, a Universal Compass, and a ruler with scales.
  • Calculator: A basic Casio fx-85GT X is the common choice and will do the trick. Programmable calculators are not allowed.
  • Dictionary: A good old-fashioned paper dictionary is allowed, no digital ones though.

What you shouldn’t bring includes your phone, laptop (the iPad we provide is okay), watches, notes, or digital flight computers.

So, that’s the rundown! Just think of this as another adventure in your flying journey. Take a deep breath, you’ve totally got this, and I’m cheering for you to ace those exams!

The Flexibility of Retaking Exams with Austro Control

As mentioned, with Austro Control, you need to take all nine subjects on the first exam sitting, and if you do not pass a subject, you need to retake that at the next sitting. The downside is that the next sitting for that school would be in maybe 2 months, however, you can go to another designated school and retake the subject you failed at their premises at one of their sittings. This flexibility is extremely helpful for students that do their theoretical knowledge course via distance learning. However, at Skypilot Academy, we aim for you to pass all nine subjects in the first sitting.

Selecting a Flight Training Provider after Written Exams

After you have passed your written exam, you will want to look around for a flight training provider to do your flight training. Maria Jose did not hide the fact that Aerodynamics Academy is a fantastic place to continue your training for the private pilot licence. The accessibility is great because the school is located close to the Malaga Airport on Costa del Sol. The weather conditions are usually very good all year round, which means fewer cancellations of your flight lessons due to poor weather.

Why Choose Austro Control for Your Aviation Written Exams?

Overall, the process of taking PPL written exams is made easier thanks to Austro Control and the designated schools they work with. It’s great to know that there are options available for students who may not be able to take the exams in English in their home country.

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Theoretical knowledge course for the private pilot licence

Included in the course

  • Three years of access to the e-books via the Padpilot e-Reader
  • One-year access to online progress tests and final exam
  • One-year access to the examination question database from Aircademy
  • Instructor support throughout the course
  • Course completion certificate

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