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Let’s master the Private Pilot Licence theory together

Hi! We are glad you’ve decided to visit us here at Skypilot Academy. This is where your journey to getting a Private Pilot Licence (PPL and LAPL) begins, and guess what? You can start for free. Further down on this page, you can download the PPL Theory Syllabus and Practice Questions.

Theoretical knowledge course for the private pilot licence

Included in the course

  • Three years of access to the e-books via the Padpilot e-Reader
  • One-year access to online progress tests and final exam
  • One-year access to the examination question database from Aircademy
  • Instructor support throughout the course
  • Course completion certificate

Online Theoretical Knowledge Course for the EASA Private Pilot Licence

What is included in the course fee? Three years of access to the e-books via the Padpilot e-Reader When enrolled in the Skypilot Academy course, you receive three-year access to…

Why this course is the optimal choice for you

The traditional method of merging theory and flight training simultaneously simply isn’t the most effective approach. Instead, embrace the flexibility of studying theory from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, without the constraints of having to meet at an airport or adhere to a rigid course schedule. This method allows you to seamlessly integrate your studies into your daily life.

You can take your written exam with the aviation authorities in your country, or opt for international centres that offer these exams worldwide. By prioritizing your theory exams first, you’ll liberate a significant amount of time to focus entirely on your practical flight training later on.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose any flight training school in Europe that offers the best weather conditions, availability of aircraft, and access to flight instructors. Optimal flight training environments minimize distractions and ensure continuous, focused learning.

If you dedicate approximately 15 hours a week to your studies, you can complete your written exams in just three to four months, putting you on the fastest track to achieving your flying aspirations. This strategic approach not only optimizes your learning experience but also accelerates your journey to becoming a skilled pilot.

This is what the course includes?

Three years of access to the e-books via the Padpilot e-Reader

When enrolled in the Skypilot Academy course, you receive three-year access to e-books through the Padpilot e-Reader, which can be used on up to three different devices, allowing for flexibility in learning. The books are written in simple English and enriched by illustrations, helping you better understand the knowledge.

One-year access to the Padpilot Learning Management System

Furthermore, the course provides one-year access to the Padpilot Learning Management System, which includes progress tests and a communication platform with instructors.

One-year access to the examination question database from Aircademy

In addition, you will have one-year access to an examination question database used by several aviation authorities like Austro Control, Norway, and more, which can be accessed on any internet-enabled device. This tool from Aircademy lets you assess your exam readiness with questioning at your own pace or through timed questioning.

Instructor support throughout the course

Throughout the course, we will be available to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have. You can reach out to us via messaging services and video conference.

Course completion certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a course completion certificate. This certificate can only be issued by Declared Training Organisations or Approved Training Organisations and will allow you to apply for the written examination with the aviation authorities.

Access and print the course details by downloading the PDF!

Access Your Free PPL Theory Syllabus and Practice Questions

Get started on the path to becoming a private pilot with the PPL Theory Syllabus and Practice Questions. These resources are designed to provide you with a structured approach to mastering the required knowledge, and to give you an idea of what is to be expected on the written exam through practical questions.

Take a moment to explore the syllabus and delve into the practice questions. If you find that this course resonates with you and feels like the right fit, I encourage you to enrol and begin your journey in earnest. Let’s embark on this adventure together.

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The steps to get your Private Pilot Licence

  • You need to be at least 17 years old and obtain a Class 2 or LAPL medical certificate from an EASA-authorized Aeromedical Examiner (AME) in your country.
  • Theoretical knowledge training, which can be completed online or in situ, requires passing exams in nine subjects: Air Law, Human Performance, Meteorology, Communications, Navigation, Principles of Flight, Operational Procedures, Flight Performance and Planning, and Aircraft General Knowledge.
  • Flight training requires a minimum of 45 hours or 30 hours, depending on whether you go for PPL or LAPL.
  • Following training, you must pass a practical skill test with an authorized examiner to demonstrate safe and competent flight operations.
  • Additionally, you will have to pass a proficiency test in the English language to a minimum of ICAO Level 4. Some countries may have additional national language requirements.

The theoretical knowledge subjects you need to know

The syllabus for the EASA Private Pilot Licence encompasses a broad range of subjects designed to equip you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for safe and proficient flying. Here’s a list of the main subjects covered:

  1. Air Law and ATC Procedures
  2. Human Performance
  3. Meteorology
  4. Communications
  5. Navigation
  6. Principles of Flight
  7. Operational Procedures
  8. Flight Performance and Planning
  9. Aircraft General Knowledge

Each subject area delves into specific topics relevant to private piloting, from understanding the legal and regulatory framework of aviation to mastering the intricacies of aircraft operation and navigation.